About Blood, Sweat and Polony Design

We are a print and digital design duo that delivers work that is idea-rich, looks good and is true to the brand. From corporate identities to web dev, we believe that good design shouldn't be an either-or situation, it needs to be a strategic blend of responsibility and magic (which is what we call polony).

'We' consist of a HIM (Digital/Web Designer), a HER (Graphic Designer) and when combined, an US (mix of magical expertise)*. We've earned our creative stripes by grinding our fair share of meat in the advertising industry. Over the years we've sliced it up with many A-grade creative minds to conceptualise, design and execute work for local and international brands across a wide range of industries.

We then took this experience and opened up a little meat factory of our own. Why? To fill the passion-gap in-between the personal touch of a freelancer and the resourcefulness of a big-ass (big price-tag) agency. And here we are, serving up the good stuff ‐ with relish.


*We're available as a vacuum-packed cold-cuts party platter (recommended)
or as individual side dishes too. It all depends on your appetite.

Contact Blood, Sweat and Polony

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or telephonically,

HIM: +27 76 795 7715 
/ HER: +27 79 157 3917

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